Looking For City Demographic Information or Data for Your Church

Church Resources for Demographic Data on your Community

by Ryan Wakefield • August 4, 2017

Are you looking for demographic data on your city / community? We’ve compiled some helpful resources for you! City-Data (Our Top Pick) City Data collects and analyzes data from a variety of government and private sources. They have created detailed, informative profiles for every city in the United States, including hundreds of thousands of maps, […]

Social Media Policies for Churches

The Ultimate List of Social Media Policies for Churches & Ministries

by Ryan Wakefield • March 24, 2017

One of the most frequently-asked questions I get from the churches and ministries we work with is, “Do you have a social media policy example we could look at?” So we created a Social Media Policy template you can download here. Or… Below is a dynamic list of all the social media policies for churches […]

Communicating Effectively with Your Audience

by Ryan Wakefield • December 1, 2016

The human brain is more active during sleep than when watching television. Think about that for a minute. Your brain has more activity while you’re unconscious than when you’re catching the latest episode of Honey Boo-Boo. Why is this? The answer is simple: imagination. When the brain watches television (or, more precisely, when your eyes […]