Social Church – Tip of the Week – Social Series

by Ryan Wakefield • October 3, 2017

In this Social Media Tip we talk about how to get social media a seat at the leadership table while advancing the mission of the church. In This Episode 0:10 Check out Church Marketing University. 1:30 There sometimes is a tension between the leadership of the church and those people coordinating the social media for […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Live with Michael Lukaszewski

by Ryan Wakefield • September 18, 2017

Special Guest Michael Lukaszewski Check out this live tip of the week with special guest Michael Lukaszewski. You can check out the full Church Fuel video series here. Ideas In This Episode How to learn social media principles versus copying other churches Learn how social media can help your church accomplish your kingdom purpose Learn […]

Social Media Tip for Multilingual Churches

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Multilingual Churches

by Raquel Serrano • August 15, 2017

Special Guest Post From Raquel Serrano. You can connect with Raquel on Twitter or inside the private Church Marketers Facebook Group. Facebook Pages have a feature that help multilingual churches publish one post in multiple languages, removing the need for “double posting” or creating multiple business pages. What language displays on your post depends on who’s […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Facebook Business Manager

by Ryan Wakefield • July 25, 2017

Looking to use Facebook Ads to reach more people in your community? You might need to consider moving your church’s Facebook Page to Facebook Business Manager. Jump into the closed Church Marketers Facebook Group to go deeper on this and other topics. Who is Facebook Business Manager For? Churches that want to use Facebook as […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Facebook Page Verification

by Ryan Wakefield • July 18, 2017

Do you want your Facebook Page to show up higher in search results to help attract more visitors? Then make sure you’ve gone through the verification process. That’s what I’ll show you how to do in this week’s social media tip. In This Episode 0:30  We’re going deeper on this in the private Church Marketers Group […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Link Your Facebook Groups

by Ryan Wakefield • July 11, 2017

In this Social Media Tip we’re looking at how to link your Facebook Page to your Facebook Group. You’ll also learn how to link all your Facebook Groups together. In This Episode 0:06 Check out the new podcast from Tyler Smith / Text in Church called Coffee with Pastors 1:06 Facebook has hit the 2 […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – My Facebook 33% Rule

by Ryan Wakefield • June 26, 2017

In this week’s tip video I share the simple way I measure the effectiveness of a Facebook Post. I’m calling it the 33% rule. In This Episode 1:20 Organic reach for Pages has continued to decline to as low as 2% 1:30 A lot of church leaders assume that everybody in their Facebook audience sees […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Facebook Cover Video

by Ryan Wakefield • June 20, 2017

In this Social Media Tip of the Week video we explore the new Facebook Cover Video Feature. Facebook Cover Video Ideas for Churches Overview or invite video Photo slideshow Sermon series promo Church and community brand piece Facebook Cover Video Details Video can be 20-90 second long Video seems to loop You can and should […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Special Guest Jason Daye

by Ryan Wakefield • June 16, 2017

This week we have Jason Daye from Outreach, Inc. joining us to share one of his favorite Social Media Tips for Churches. In this Episode 0:20 Jason is the Director of Ministry Development at Outreach and the host of the Church Leaders podcast. 1:20 Content creation can be an obstacle for churches on social media. […]

Social Church – Tip of the Week – Expire A Post

by Ryan Wakefield • June 3, 2017

In this tip of the week video you’ll learn how to “expire” a post on Facebook and when that could be a good idea for your church. In this Episode 0:23 Summer Training Webinar or the private Facebook Group for Church Marketers 1:05 Here is how to find the Facebook post expiration feature Reasons to consider expiring […]