In this tip of the week video we’re going to talk about our brand new Church Marketing Bootcamp! This is our latest module inside of Church Marketing University, and you can get get three free weeks of access for your church.

What is the Church Marketing Bootcamp?

Church’s sometimes struggle to implement new ways to reach people in their community. The Church Marketing Bootcamp is a five part video series that gives your church an outreach jump start. In this series we cover the new mindset every church must have when it comes to marketing, and then we have episodes designed to get you making progress right away!

What is the Goal?

The goal is for you to have new visitors to your church each week.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

  1. For new Church Marketing University members who want to get started reaching more people right away.
  2. For new churches who want to start strong.
  3. For churches who have plateaued and need some new ways to get unstuck.
  4. For churches who are growing but want to implement some new ideas.

To get started, give us your email and we will send you your login information.