In this Social Media Tip of the Week video we explore the new Facebook Cover Video Feature.

Facebook Cover Video Ideas for Churches

  • Overview or invite video
  • Photo slideshow
  • Sermon series promo
  • Church and community brand piece

Facebook Cover Video Details

  • Video can be 20-90 second long
  • Video seems to loop
  • You can and should add a video title and description
  • You can use the closed caption feature
  • The video displays in different dimensions on desktop than it does on mobile (see templates below)

Facebook Cover Video (and Photo) Dimension Templates

Our recommendation is to design your  video at 1920 by 1080 (16:9) because that is how it will appear on mobile devices. Then keep your titles in the center 1920 by 732 safe zone for desktop.

Social Church Facebook Cover Video Dimensions Template

Download all Facebook Cover Video templates displayed in the video here.

Facebook Cover Video Examples

Have a great example? Put a link to your Facebook Page in the comments below.

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