Are you tired of always trying to create new content for your church’s Facebook Page? This tip of the week will help you maximize the content already going on at your church.

In this Episode

0:05 Are you frustrated with always trying to figure out good content to post on your church’s social media accounts?

0:20 Use this grid in order to figure out ways to repurpose the content your church is already creating

0:35 Churches crank out a ton of content every single week

1:04 You need to leverage the life of the church already go on

1:30 Repurpose the content to accomplish your mission on social media

Content Maximization Grid

Look at what is already going on at your church, and then pick one or two options from the list below to use that content to accomplish your mission on social media.

  • Highlight that you did it
  • Show people how to do it
  • Give the why behind it
  • Share a story from it
  • Start a conversation around it
  • Invite people to be a part of it
  • Adapt the format and re-do it

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