Looking to use Facebook Ads to reach more people in your community? You might need to consider moving your church’s Facebook Page to Facebook Business Manager.

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Who is Facebook Business Manager For?

  1. Churches that want to use Facebook as a big part of their outreach
  2. Churches that are looking to use a team approach to social media
  3. Churches that want to go more in-depth with Facebook ads, utilize the Facebook pixel, and advanced advertising strategies
  4. Churches that are managing multiple Facebook Pages

Warning: Some people really do not like the way Business Manager is set up and would rather keep the page simply tied in with their personal Facebook Profile. Watch the video before making your decision.

Facebook Business Manager Benefits

  • Cleaner system for sharing access
  • Allows for outsourcing your social media or Facebook ads to an agency
  • Can use business emails to give others access (you don’t have to be friends with them personally on Facebook)
  • Creates a separation between your personal Facebook use and your business Facebook use
  • No shared log-in information or gray accounts
  • Can see who posts which content
  • Link and manage multiple Pages
  • Can cross-post content between Pages
  • Can link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page
  • Better organized for business use
  • One central dashboard
  • Can utilize the Facebook Pixel and more advanced Facebook Ads tools

Different Apps

When you move to Facebook Business Manager you will need to utilize different mobile apps to manage your accounts. Download the Facebook Pages App, Facebooks Ads App, and the Facebook Groups App.

Steps to Get Set Up with Facebook Business Manager

  1. Go to business.facebook.com or get more information at business.facebook.com/overview
  2. Create your business account
  3. Add your Facebook Pages
  4. Add your Facebook Ad Accounts
  5. Add your team members

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