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? Video will consume 79% of internet traffic by 2020! Your church can get more engagement on your social media videos just by adding captions. Here’s how to do that on Facebook in typically less than one minute per video! ?

In this Episode

0:40 Get your church on a account to get the latest features

1:35 Facebook’s new generate captions feature

2:30 Editing the generated captions

3:45 Captions are great for search engine optimization

4:15 Captions become searchable for future uses and opportunities

5:23 The majority of people browsing Facebook are doing so without sound

5:51 One study found that 41% of videos are meaningless without sound

6:08 Captions help hook people to watch your video

6:22 Adding captions should increase the view time, views, engagement, and reactions

7:02 Consider the user experience and win with your audience and with your platform (Be thoughtful!)

8:20 The compounding impact of incremental improvement

Troubleshooting Update

Running into trouble getting Facebook Captions to work on your video? Check out this update on steps you can take to solve the most common problems.

(Another tip you can try is to just do captions for the first 60-120 seconds of your video.)

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