In this Social Media Tip we’re looking at how to link your Facebook Page to your Facebook Group. You’ll also learn how to link all your Facebook Groups together.

In This Episode

0:06 Check out the new podcast from Tyler Smith / Text in Church called Coffee with Pastors

1:06 Facebook has hit the 2 billion user mark and Facebook Groups are going to be a big emphasis moving forward

1:43 I’m doing more training about Facebook Groups in our Church Marketers Group

2:05 There are two new Facebook Group features. You can now link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page. You can now link your Facebook Groups together. Here’s how:

Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page

Step 1 – Go to your page and click settings

Step 2 – Click Edit Page

Step 3 – Add the Groups Tab to your page

Step 4 – Turn the Groups Tab to “on”

Step 5 – Navigate back to your page and click on the new Groups tab

Step 6 – Click link your group and select the group you want to link (You can repeat this part of the process to link multiple groups to your page.)

Step 7 – Confirm that your page is now an admin on your group

Link Your Facebook Groups Together

Step 1 – Go to your Facebook group

Step 2 – Click on the three dots under your group profile picture

Step 3 – Choose to link a group

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