In this tip of the week video we explore Mother’s Day ideas you can use at your church.

In this Episode

0:10 Leave a comment on this Facebook Post and I’ll send you the Mother’s Day Ideas pdf

0:45 Mother’s Day is the third largest Sunday of our year

1:15 This strategy started back with the Rethinking Easter resource

2:08 Give a special gift to all the ladies

2:32 Do a big giveaway in each service and utilize this to get people’s contact information

3:18 Do a photo booth

4:10 4 reasons I love photo booths

5:20 Get the kids involved with a Mother’s Day craft

5:30 Kick off a brand new sermon series on Mother’s Day or the week after

6:30 Get creative to hook the guys to want to come back the next week

6:50 Consider a benevolence idea

7:40 Give away helpful tips on Social Media

8:00 Example Mother’s Day Church Facebook Ads

9:40 Things to do the week of Mother’s Day


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