In this tip of the week we look at the importance of native content on social media.

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1:17 Check out the Page Analytics Extension in the Chrome Browser

1:50 Many churches make a mistake when they post links on social media instead of using native content

2:10 Native content will get you the most reach on social media

Native Content: Content designed for and published on a specific platform for a user to consume on that platform.

2:30 Avoid linking your social media accounts across platforms

3:00 You get rewarded for uploading content directly to the social media platform where you want users to interact with it

3:30 When you can use the scheduling tools built in to a platform (instead of using third-party tools)

4:10 Take advantage of the upload options that social media platforms give you (tagging, emotions, emojis, locations, etc.)

5:00 Platforms reward native content with special features like auto-play

5:26 Native content normally provides the best experience for the user

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