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This week we’re looking at how to start the new year building engagement on your church’s Facebook Page. This post originally appeared on the Social Church Facebook Page.

In this Episode

0:30 Recap your year

0:50 If you could have one prayer answered in 2017, what would it be?

1:05 The #1 mistake churches make on social media

1:20 Evaluate if your social media is self-centered

1:45 Engagement on social media does not happen on accident

1:50 The best church social media accounts are really good at asking questions

2:30 Example of Life.Church – “How can we pray for you right now?”

2:45 Ask your audience about their dreams and their goals for the new year

4:30 Start with prepared comments from your core team

6:15 Responding to comments

6:50 Using Facebook Life to ask the question and promo your upcoming series

8:28 Break the silos through email, leadership, text messaging, Facebook Groups, etc.

9:15 Example of an “ugly email” from Stu McLaren

10:24 The secret to a high level of social media engagement

11:03 Ministry flows out of relationships, and relationships take time

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❓ If you could have one prayer ?? answered in 2017, what would it be? ❓

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