In this tip we cover one of the biggest obstacles pastors face with social media: With everything else going on, how do they have time to manage social media?

In This Episode

0:20 How do pastors and church leaders have time to effectively do social media?

2:00 Shift from “How do I have time to manage this?”  to “Who am I empowering to do this?”

2:30 The mindset of a leader should be to develop other leaders and empowering volunteers

3:45 If you are going to hire someone, hire someone who can develop people versus hiring someone to do the work.

4:15 When your mindset shifts to empowering people the answers to your questions now all change

4:35 What are the best third party scheduling tools that our church should be using?

4:50 Ask “who” versus “how”

5:00 How many social media platforms should your church be on?

5:30 When is our church ready to launch multiple Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups?

6:00 Once you have the who in place then determine the how

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