Having trouble crafting the perfect social media post for your church? Try this tip!

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Learn what to do if you are stuck trying to craft the perfect social media post for your church.

0:18 Write like you are writing to one specific friend of yours

0:30 Start with your friend’s name and write them a personal note

1:05 We very rarely encounter writer’s block when we are writing a personal text message to a friend

1:25 This will make your writing more personal, more interesting, and more engaging

1:50 This is also a great tip for writing your church’s emails

1:55 Start by writing to one person first, then go back and tweak it to fit the broader audience

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Video Transcript

Hey, Ryan Wakefield here, and this is your social media tip of the week. We’re talking about writer’s block. You sit down on social media and you got a good piece of content, and you’re like, I just don’t know how to phrase this, I don’t know how to set this up, I need this to be good, but I just don’t know how to start. So when you get there, here’s your tip. Don’t write like you’re writing to the entire church, or like, “Dear Facebook,” like you’re writing to everyone. Instead, write to one person, and pick out a single person and their name.

So if you’re like, man I’ve got this good piece of content, who is this content gonna be great for? Pick out that group of people. Now, who is one person in that group than you know personally? Let’s take, and then write like you’re writing their name. You might even go outside of Facebook and do a simple text document, and you’re gonna start, “Hey Mark,” in this case, I’m gonna think of Mark. I know Mark, I know what he likes, I know what he dislikes, I know when he’s up, when he’s gonna be asleep. I know if I were just to pull out my phone and text Mark, I would know exactly what to say because I know Mark. And we very rarely encounter writer’s block when we’re sending a text to a friend. Why, because we know that person. All the ins and outs, and that’s the same way I’m encouraging you to think about social media. Don’t think like it’s going to the masses. Think like it’s going to one person.

This is a great tip whether you have writer’s block or not, ’cause it will make your writing much more personal, much more interesting, and much more engaging and less formal. And quite frankly, on social media, that’s the type of writing that will help extend your reach a whole bunch more ’cause it puts that social element back in social media. It adds personality to your writing that if you were writing to the masses wouldn’t be there. In fact, it’s a great tip if you also help your church write email. Sit down, if you have a topic, and write it to one person first, then go back and make it make sense to your entire audience. And I’m telling you, it’d change the way you approach email, it’ll change the way you approach social media, it will make you much, much more effective. And if you ever get blocked, it’s a simple way to help clear your mind, get some clarity, get something on the screen, tweak it a little bit, and then I’m telling you, you’ll be good to go.

So, face writer’s block, that’s this week’s tip of the week. I’m curious, what do you do? Outside of that tip, is there any other tips that you would have when people are facing block on social media? Well, put those in the comments below, would love to read that, get some engagement going in the comments, but that’s this tip of the week. We’ll see you guys back next week.